AFP Mentorship Program

Seeking Professional Guidance from AFP Members

Are you an AFP member new to the fundraising field and seeking the counsel of a seasoned AFP fundraising professional? The AFP Greater Austin Mentorship Program will partner you with an experienced member to provide you the guidance and leadership you desire to enhance your fundraising skills. Mentee applications are accepted year-round. Please download the Protege Application and, once completed, email your application to [email protected].

Sharing Your Time & Knowledge

Are you an experienced fundraiser and want to help a newcomer to the field? The AFP Greater Austin Mentorship Program is a terrific way to support new fundraisers who are seeking an experienced professional to share ideas and knowledge that can help build their skills and confidence. It's an amazing opportunity to build and connect your network while providing leadership skills. 

Mentor applications are accepted twice yearly from January through March and September through November. Please download the Mentor Application and, once completed email your application to m[email protected].