AFP Greater Austin Chapter Strategic Partnerships

AFP is proud to have strategic partnerships with various organizations and programs throughout the Central Texas Region.  Below are a list of those partnerships:

Mission Capitol

Despite significant economic and population growth, our community remains overwhelmed by persistent social challenges. Mission Capital provides the tools and guidance needed to tackle complex issues and create lasting social change.

I Live Here I Give Here

I Live Here I Give Here™ is on a mission to make Austin the most generous community in the nation. We believe that we can build a more united, more prosperous Austin for all when we give together as a community.

I Live Here I Give Here is a bridge to impact, helping you make your mark, your way on our city. Austin has been named one of the most economically segregated cities in the country while also being named one of America’s strongest economies. Austin is currently ranked the 33rd most generous city in the US, compared to our neighbors Dallas at number 4, Houston at number 5, and San Antonio at number 25. We know we can do better!

ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies 

The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College is a leading provider of nonprofit workforce and career development in Central Texas for individuals at any skill level seeking to be more effective in, and to advance in their professional or volunteer pursuits. Through certificates, stand-alone learning opportunities, as well as special events and online resources, our mission is to enhance yours. Our participants’ outcomes are successful because of the personalized level of study and the commitment and the integrity of our faculty. We focus on creating a lasting network for ongoing development. Nonprofit Austin: A community of learning.

The Center for Nonprofit Studies is a program of the Community Public Affairs Department at Austin Community College.


Two Austin nonprofiteers built Philanthroforce to make it easy to find great nonprofit consultants, based on their experience as nonprofit staff, consultants, board members, and volunteers. They just launched a few months ago and now have 300+ consultants listed across 60+ specialties! The robust search engine makes it quick and easy for a nonprofit to find the right match. It's free for nonprofits and consultants have free and premium listing options. Inclusion is a key value and they've already distributed more than 50 premium memberships to consultants from historically marginalized communities. The Easy Match feature allows a nonprofit to quickly get their RFP or project opportunity to dozens of specialists.

Find out how to become a Strategic Partner of AFP Greater Austin by contacting our Director of Partnerships, Clarena Tobon, at [email protected].